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# Title Category Hits
1 The 25 BBS Commandments
- |Thou shall love thy BBS with all thy heart and all thy bytes. Thou shalt remember thy name and pass...Read the whole joke
Computing Jokes 126950
2 What do you call a gay Indian?
- What do you call a gay Indian? A brave sucker!...Read the whole joke
Ethnic 47487
3 101 Things Not To Say During Sex
- But everybody looks funny naked! You woke me up for that? Did I mention the video camera? Do you sme...Read the whole joke
Dirty Jokes 21031
4 I have a Microsoft waiter
- |Patron: Waiter!Waiter: Hi, my name is Bill, and I'll be your Support Waiter. What seems to be the p...Read the whole joke
Food Jokes 14921
5 Hick computer terms
- |Log On: Makin' the wood stove hotter.Log Off: Don't add no wood.Monitor: Keepin' an eye on the wood...Read the whole joke
Mixed Jokes 6642
6 In-class Assignment for Wednesday
- This assignment was actually turned in by two English students:-------------------------------------...Read the whole joke
School 5033
7 Bassoon jokes
- |Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?A: To get away from the bassoon recital.Q: Why is a bassoon b...Read the whole joke
Instrument Jokes 4366
8 Blond Alligator Shoes
- Young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Florida. She wanted to > > take home a pair of genuine...Read the whole joke
Blonde Jokes 3447
9 What do you get when you cross Viagra and Rogaine?
- What do you get when you cross Viagra and Rogaine?Don King....Read the whole joke
Sports 3273
10 Ode to cranky men
- |I chanced to pass a windowWhile walking through a mallWith nothing much upon my mind,Quite blank as...Read the whole joke
Elderly Jokes 2891
11 What is your IQ?
- |Bob is throwing a party. He decides that, to break the ice at his party, he'll ask his guests what ...Read the whole joke
Instrument Jokes 2888
12 A 10pm curfew was imposed in Belfast...
- A 10pm curfew was imposed in BelfastEverybody had to be off the streets or risk being shot.However o...Read the whole joke
Foreigners 2310
13 N equals N plus one
- |Theorem: n=n+1Proof:(n+1)^2 = n^2 + 2*n + 1Bring 2n+1 to the left:(n+1)^2 - (2n+1) = n^2Substract n...Read the whole joke
Stats/Math Jokes 2114
14 A British Army colonel was reviewing the troops in colonial India...
- A British Army colonel was reviewing the troops in colonial India.One man he passed sported an enorm...Read the whole joke
War 2077
15 45 Cool Things To Do In A College Dorm Shower Stall
- 1. Enter the stall, shower for about 3 minutes, then scream really loudly, exclaiming, "I didn't kno...Read the whole joke
Clean Jokes 1962
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