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1 Ghost jokes - 16612
- How did the ghost song-and-dance act make a living? By appearing in television spooktaculars.... Read the whole joke
215 0
2 Ghost jokes - 16613
- What did the papa ghost say to the baby ghost. Fasten your sheet belt.... Read the whole joke
202 0
3 Ghost jokes - 16614
- What do you call a ghost that stays out all night? Afresh air freak.... Read the whole joke
208 0
4 Ghost jokes - 16615
- Why did the ghost go to the funfair. He wanted to go on the rollerghoster.... Read the whole joke
210 0
5 Ghost jokes - 16616
- Why did the ghost work at Scotland Yard? He was the Chief In-Spectre.... Read the whole joke
223 0
6 Ghost jokes - 21489
- What do you call the ghost who is a child-rearing expert? Dr Spook.... Read the whole joke
204 0
7 Ghost jokes - 21490
- Which ghost ate too much porridge? Ghouldilocks.... Read the whole joke
187 0
8 Ghost jokes - 21491
- What happened when a ghost asked for a brandy at his local pub? The landlord said "Sorry, we do... Read the whole joke
200 0
9 Ghost jokes - 21492
- What is a ghost boxer called? A phantomweight.... Read the whole joke
168 0
10 Ghost jokes - 21493
- What happened to the ghost who went to a party? He had a wail of a time.... Read the whole joke
165 0

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