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1 If University of Waterloo ran Christmas...
- |They would immediately change the name to WatMas.... Read the whole joke
44 0
2 Instructions for Microsoft's TV dinner
- |You must first remove the plastic cover. By doing so you agree to accept and honor Microsoft rights... Read the whole joke
36 0
3 Internet addictions
- |Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)As the incidence and prevalence of Internet Addiction Disorder (IA... Read the whole joke
84 0
4 Internet can get worse
- |Top ten ways the Internet could get worse10. Rigorous user screening process abolished by America O... Read the whole joke
54 0
5 Internet highway blues
- |The Information Highway BluesMy baby's got my 486. My cellular phone's on the blink. My fax's gone ... Read the whole joke
48 0
6 Life cycle of software
- |The Life Cycle of SoftwareProgrammer produces code he believes is bug-free. Product is tested. 20 b... Read the whole joke
63 0
7 Mailing list users changing light bulbs
- |Q: How many internet mail list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?A: Exactly five hund... Read the whole joke
73 0
8 Microsoft buys church
- |MICROSOFT Bids to Acquire Catholic ChurchVATICAN CITY (AP) -- In a joint press conference in St. Pe... Read the whole joke
147 0
9 Microsoft Panhandler v1.0 (Beta)
- |Redmond, WA -- Microsoft Corporation chair, CEO and all-around babe magnet Bill Gates announced yes... Read the whole joke
69 0
10 Microsoft renames itself
- |NewsflashMicrosoft today announced that it will be changing its name to "Moft" -- which will clear ... Read the whole joke
64 0

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