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1 Top Ten Ways Y2K Will Affect Disney World
- |10. Accidental switch back to 19,000 Leagues Under the Sea.9. Screwed up computers report EuroDisne... Read the whole joke
54 0
2 Twas the night before crisis
- |Twas the night before crisis,And all through the house,Not a program was working,Not even a browse.... Read the whole joke
46 0
3 Type what I tell you
- |While trying to diagnose a problem over the phone I told the user to type out his autoexec.bat file... Read the whole joke
51 0
4 Types of computer viruses
- |Adam and Eve virus: Takes a couple of bytes out of your Apple.Airline virus: You're in Dallas, but ... Read the whole joke
45 0
5 User song and music
- |User(To the tune of Beck's "Loser")In the day of sysop nerds I was a flunkieJolt in my brains and b... Read the whole joke
85 0
6 Waiting on a long line
- |The checkout line at the hardware store was getting longer and longer as the clerk labored to get t... Read the whole joke
61 0
7 What movies teach us
- |COMPUTERS & ELECTRONICS:As depicted in movies,Word processors never display a cursor. You never hav... Read the whole joke
80 0
8 why the television is better than the World Wide Web
- |10. It doesn't take minutes to build the picture when you change TV channels.9. When was the last t... Read the whole joke
57 0
9 Windows 98 hourly tweaks
- |11th-hour tweaks for Windows '98 by Microsoft10. Included subliminal "Impeach Janet Reno" messages ... Read the whole joke
54 0
10 Would you define OCR?
- |OCR - Optical Character RecognitionA technology that can take written words and convert them back i... Read the whole joke
56 0

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