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# Title Hits Rating
1 Count till fifty
- The teacher walked into the classroom to find words like "cunt" and "cock" scrawled all over the bla... Read the whole joke
62 0
2 Drawing God
- A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children whilethey were drawing. She walked ar... Read the whole joke
102 0
3 Ear
- Little Johnny was in a spelling bee in class. He had to spell the word and use it in a sentence. The... Read the whole joke
76 0
4 Earn it hiking
- A father came home from a long business trip to find his son riding a very fancy new 10 speed bike. ... Read the whole joke
85 0
5 Everything we need
- A young teacher was trying to teach her six-year-old charges about sharing. In the midst of doing so... Read the whole joke
112 0
6 Fair Punishment
- Boy: Will you punish me for something I didn't do?Teacher: Of course not!Boy: Good, cause I didn't d... Read the whole joke
73 0
7 Finding the right answers
- Did you hear about the 10 year old boy who asked his recentlydivorced mother her age? She told him t... Read the whole joke
88 0
8 First grade romance
- An honest 7-year-old admitted calmly to her parents that Billy Brownhad kissed her after class. "How... Read the whole joke
58 0
9 Following the sign
- Teacher: Why are you late?Little Johnny: Because of the sign.Teacher: What sign?Little Johnny: The o... Read the whole joke
68 0
10 From Us...
- The teacher walks in and finds an apple on her desk with the letters "ILU" written on it. The teache... Read the whole joke
72 0

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