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1 Ten Signs That You're At A Bad Zoo
- |1. When no one else is looking, you swear that the monkeys are mocking you.2. The Bears exhibit is ... Read the whole joke
68 0
2 The 2 Hunters
- These 2 hunters was hunting one day and this one hunter fainted. The other hunter didn't know what t... Read the whole joke
79 0
3 The amazing flying dog
- |A woman is out looking for a pet, and so she's trying the local pet shops. She walks into a small p... Read the whole joke
63 0
4 The Bunny and the Snake
- Once upon a time in a nice little forest, there lived an orphaned bunny and an orphaned snake. By a ... Read the whole joke
54 0
5 The cat's chalkboard assignments
- |In order to punish your cat for poor behavior, here are a list of items that the cat may write on a... Read the whole joke
1573 0
6 The Feline Diet
- |Most diets fail because we are still thinking and eating like people. For those us who have never h... Read the whole joke
81 0
7 The plumber has arrived
- |A lady was expecting the plumber; he was supposed to come at ten o'clock. Ten o'clock came and went... Read the whole joke
110 0
8 The preacher buys a parrot
- |A preacher is buying a parrot."Are you sure it doesn't scream, yell, or swear?" asked the preacher.... Read the whole joke
74 0
9 The story of the bats
- |Two vampire bats wake up in the middle of the night, thirsty for blood. One says, "Let's fly out of... Read the whole joke
66 0
10 The three legged chicken
- A man was driving down a country road one day at 45 miles per hour when suddenly he noticed a 3-legg... Read the whole joke
63 0

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